Top 6 Mistakes Rookie Real Estate Agents Make

When you’re a budding realtor, it could get a tad bit difficult to kick-start your professional career. You may have had the best training ever, from the best institutes ever but implementing that knowledge in the real world could get tricky. A lot of real estate agents make a ton of mistakes, the main reason being that they are inexperienced. By the time they actually overcome these mistakes, their career growth and advancement has already slowed down. So why not know and be aware of such blunders in advance so that, not only do you know how to pick your agent but if you’re a rookie agent, you could avoid them as well, having a smoother career path.

  1. Picking the Wrong Brokerage

As a new real estate agent, there will be a need for a broker to work beside you. A lot of agents make the blunder of choosing the flashiest, most commercial brokerages that offer the highest commissions to their agents. This may be a rash and ultimately wrong decision since these brokers may tend to favor other experienced agents and sideline you. Therefore, its best to pick a broker that deals with budding, upcoming real estate agents. It’s a great idea to target brokers that provide training programs, mentorships and other benefits.

  1. Not using your tools efficiently

Not making complete use of the tools at your disposal is one of the biggest mistakes that a real estate agent could make. Tools may include marketing software as well as different apps tailored to meet the real estate agents needs, not to forget, business cards. As petty as it may seem to give out business cards, they are still important when it comes to making your presence so people get talking and recommend you to their friends. Performing a simple google search will give you a variety of real estate agent tools available to you.

  1. Making the property look near perfect

 Say you’re trying to sell some property in Legacy Oaks. Real estate agents will have an elaborate planning process to get the house cleaned. It’s easier to have your clients clean the house top to bottom but you must keep in mind that buyers prefer a home that has a feel which conveys that someone has in fact, lived there. A perfectly clean, spick and span home looks fake and doesn’t give a “homely” feeling to buyers.

  1. Fostering rivalries

Going head to head with other agents in your “territory” might make things a little interesting for a while but it’s better to be collaborative than being competitive. What this means is that instead of battling it out with them it’s better to work with them as a team will not only help you maintain a peaceful work environment but also speed up the process of getting more sales and in turn, acquiring more clients too.

  1. Neglecting Social Media

Although the first thing that comes to our minds when we talk about this mistake is the older generation of real estate agents, it’s a mistake that new agents make too. Although it may not cause any harm, it will cap the extent to which you can get results. Although real estate isn’t an extremely high tech business, half the world is on social media and it wouldn’t hurt to make a presence there. For example, if you’re in charge of Heritage Creek, Pennsylvania, it wouldn’t hurt to post a picture of the property on your Instagram page. Who knows you might just get a buyer!

  1. Working with fellow rookie agent

 When first starting out, you may catch yourself getting tempted to collaborate with new inspectors, insurance agents and lenders. Reviews can help educate realtor about their profession. A lot of rookies make the decision of working with equally inexperienced individuals because they feel like they can grow together. Unfortunately, this can be detrimental to their career. Constantly dealing with problems caused by an inexperienced team can cause unnecessary headaches. Always try working with professional, experienced lenders and agents. They are extremely experienced individuals and the advice and information provided will most likely be legitimate. Although starting your own business could be intimidating, it is always possible to get huge success.

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