What to Look out for When Buying a Retirement Home


No one stays younger forever.  As we age, we have to make the difficult decision of moving into a nursing home, away from our children. Nursing homes, however, are the best options when it’s about your parent’s health and well-being, especially when their quality of life is impaired because of their increasing weakness and memory issues such as dementia – This calls for more care that can be provided at home. You mother or father are expected to receive the highest quality long-term services and enjoy a thriving social life residing in a safe, secure place with instant assistance at their disposal.

Furthermore, in order to make a decision that will benefit your parents and let them enjoy a stress-free retirement life, you must get yourself acquainted with the different traits of a great nursing home. Knowing what qualities to look for will empower you with an informed choice to help you distinguish between high-quality communities and other ones that should be completely neglected. Let’s get into it.


If you’re planning to send you parents you parent to another place to spend the rest of their life, a question to ask yourself is “Will they be treated the way I have treated them?”. That’s right, you want to make sure that they are treated with the same love, care, and respect that you’ve treated them with so far, irrespective of their physical and mental condition. The staff should be friendly and supportive when it comes to providing help and assistance. The residents should be addressed on a first name basis as opposed to ubiquitous names such as “grandpa”. They should also respect the privacy of the residents by knocking on the door before entering as well communicating with them in a clear way.


Not having anything productive to do can lead to boredom. Which can creep into your everyday life and lead to loneliness and depression if not tackled at the right time? Most people would prefer their loved ones to be occupied with things to do and not be a victim of boredom. There should be different types of physical, social and educative activities that will appeal to the residents. There should also be a substantial amount of interaction between the residents and people outside the nursing home to break the monotony. These people may also bring pets with them which is great for a change. Activities for outside events such as picnics should be planned as well.


Delicious and healthy food is key when it comes to the residents’ physical well-being. Well-balanced meals should be served in pleasant social settings so that the people can enjoy their meals to the fullest. There should also be special meals for residents with health problems as well as different religious and ethical views. Example, vegan or vegetarian food for people that refrain from eating meat should be available.

Comfortable, homely ambiance

Having a homely feel goes a long way. If you want your parent(s) to treat the community as their new home, it should feel like one. The facility should be home-like and comfortable. Residents should be able to customize their rooms by bringing their old furniture for their new house, as well as be able to have pictures of their children and relatives on the walls. A lot of seniors enjoy gardening, so the addition of a kept garden can make them feel at home as well as encourage them to spend time outdoors with their new hobby.  Warminster, PA real estate is a great instance of amazing ambiance.


A great nursing home may have lots of amenities to keep their residents engaged throughout the day as discussed in point 2. This includes clubhouses with lots of indoor and outdoor activities that may also take care of the resident’s physical fitness and health, beauty salons and spa’s for women to feel beautiful, barber shops for men, readily accessible internet to keep in touch with loved ones and to stay up to date with world news. The surroundings should be clean and pleasant with a lot of space for fresh air to flow. Heritage Creek in Pennsylvania is an excellent example of endless amenities for its residents.

Safety and cleanliness

It goes without saying. Senior citizens need extra safety and cleanliness measures. Hallways and doors should be free from obstacles that can cause accidents and in turn injury. Sanitation and personal hygiene should also be taken care of. Residents should be well-groomed and dressed neatly.

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